Growing in Circles

Growing in circles is about how we join together to grow, not by sitting in rows facing a wall, but by facing each other in a circle.  A small group where we can grow together.

What does it mean for us to grow?  Our goal is to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples.  Hebrews highlights three areas of growth to be concerned about:

  • Transformation – A disciple of Christ must live a life transformed by the grace of God in Christ Jesus. (Heb 3:12)
  • Transferal – The gospel of Christ must be transfer, passed on, to others to be disciples who make disciples. (Heb 5:11-14)
  • Transience – Disciples must be consistent, not transient or indifferent, about getting together in order to grow and serve Christ fully and effectively. (Heb 10:23-25)

In Church we offer a lot of different kinds of groups aimed at helping us grow as a disciple of Jesus.  There are social groups that mainly bring people together for fun and fellowship.  There are Bible studies and classes that educate us with important information.  There are prayer groups for that purpose.  We need another kind of small group that could be called transformational.  Transformational groups are different from all the other types of groups, although they incorporate elements from all of them.  A group that is transformational will have these characteristics:

  • Rooting for Each other – This is a circle of people who want to help each other grow in Christ to maturity and to experience God’s best.
  • Open about Struggles – Trust invites members to be open and honest about their hopes and struggles as they seek to live for Christ.  This allows members to respond to each other and receive instruction with encouragement to follow Christ faithfully.
  • Learn to Ask and Answer Spiritual Questions – Many people cannot share their faith because they have not cultivated the ability to ask or answer spiritual questions.  These groups become the training ground for witnesses of Christ’s salvation.
  • Grow Together – By uniting together consistently, seeking to serve the Lord, we intentionally build one another up as the body of Christ.

Bible studies alone, prayer meetings alone, attending worship alone will not produce Disciples Who Make Disciples.  This requires intentionally pursuing discipleship together.  Many people were stirred when I said that we can’t attend church our whole life and still keep crying that we’re not being fed.  We can’t expect to be fed by someone else like we were incapable of feeding ourselves.  I declared that we have to pick up a spoon and put it in our own mouth! The real distinction of maturity is that we have learned how to serve others the good news about Jesus.  That’s what transformational groups are all about.  Taking the spoon in hand, making up our minds to get together with others on a consistent basis to encourage and motivate each other to live for Christ.  Together we learn to ask and answer spiritual questions. That not only enables us to better live in Christ, but to tell others what Christ has done.

I am dedicated to talking about this and working until we can establish transformational groups that will turn us into a church that is fully equipped to share Christ with our community and the world.  Are you ready to take a step forward in your walk with God? Let me know that you want to gain the preparation and support to begin a group to transform lives.

Take these steps next.

  1. Pray asking:  who, how, when?  Who would God lead you to meet with?  A friend from work, another Christian couple or a neighbor?
  2. Invite someONE!  You can begin by inviting one other person or couple to join you to talk about the weekly message, to read a devotional and talk about it, to watch a video series or just to get together for a weekly spiritual check up.  Then see how God leads from there.
  3. You could begin by simply inviting someone to dinner or coffee.  Maybe it could become habit forming!  How long has it been since you’ve invited someone to dinner or coffee because you are interested in their spiritual growth and you want to really get to know them?
  4. Now sign up!  Let me know that you want help to take that step forward.  We are building a team.  Join that team today!



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