Getting Ready for the Next Step

by Pastor Roy Gearhart

We are rapidly moving forward toward the start of a new year.  I am excited to share with you plans for the start of the year.  Advent’s theme is the Search for the Perfect Gift.  I’ll let you in on a secret, the perfect gift, it’s Jesus!  I don’t want you to keep it a secret.  I want you to tell someone!

We want to hear your testimony

On the last Sunday this year we are going to hear some testimonies about what Jesus has done in your life this year—that is if you share it!  As soon as possible I want to hear from you…tell me what you have to share.  Drop me a note, give me a call, catch me after service.  Shawn Hogue or I will be glad to capture your testimony on video to share a word to glorify Jesus and encourage others.

Start the new year seeking GodB1makeone1

Our first sermon series of the new year, for the month of January, will be, “Getting Life in Focus”.  We will start the year renewing vision, personally and as the church.  I hope to inspire you to embrace our mission – Make Disciples Who Make Disciples – in a personal way to B1 and Make one!

I also want to invite you this year to again seek God for a word of scripture, and a specific word from God, to lead you into the new year, focused and ready to rely on God.

The Whole Church United in the Word

The beginning of February, we’ll take two weeks to look at family relationships.  Then we will enter the season of Lent and a very special series, “A Time is Coming”.  Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, Feb 14, and is the season that leads us to Easter.  Daily Bible readings and weekly messages will combine, all leading us from anticipation of the time that is coming to fulfillment in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  This will give us opportunity to unite as a church in a study through the Gospel of John that will deepen our understanding of God’s word and of the plan of God to save us through Jesus Christ.  Although you can follow along independently, you will get the most out of this series by interacting with a group of friends.  So, I want to invite those not in a small group to get ready now to participate in this series with a group where we can help each other to grow as disciples of Jesus and be ready to share the love of our Savior with the world!

Get Ready for a Group Now –> Sign up NOW!

  • If you want to be in a small group sign up now and indicate if you prefer a group for men, women, couples, mixed, etc. We will help match you to possible groups and prep for needed groups to match the need.
  • If you want to try leading a group, we will plan a quick start training huddle in January, to orient you to a plan for the series in Lent. We will finalize schedule for training to create the best fit for those who sign up.  Sign up NOW!

To sign up or ask questions, use the Connection Card on Sunday morning, call the church office (814-437-5425) or email Shawn Hogue (


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